NUAS-1500 Remote Start & Security

NUAS-1500Description: While this may be the entry-level, it dominates in range in performance when compared to competitors units. It features 433MHz Super Heterodyne technology coupled with state-of-the-art interference filtration that allows for up to 3000' of range. Some of the basic features include a 1 year remote warranty, lifetime system warranty, multi-car operation, keyless entry, trunk release, remote start, auxiliary outputs and much much more.

Core Function: Vehicle Remote Start & Alarm System
Part #: NUAS-1500

Remote Options Part #
2 x 1-Way AM Remotes (Up to 3000' Range) NU1500R
Unit Features
Keyless Entry
Trunk Release Output (-)
Two Aux Outputs
Starter Kill Output (-) w/prewired relay
2nd Ignition Output (+)
2nd Ignition Output (-)
True Status Output (-)
2nd Accessory Output (-)
2nd Starter Output (-)
Parking Light Output (+)
Parking Light Output (-)
Remote Start Manual Transmission Capable
E-brake Input (-)
Remote Start Diesel Engine Capable
Glow Plug Input (+ / -)
Diesel Delay Mode *
Dual Stage Shock Sensor
Extra Sensor Input (-)
Door Sensor Input (+ / -)
Trunk Sensor Input (-)
Siren Output (+)
Horn Output (-)
Tach/Alternator Engine Sensing
Cold Start Sensor Input
Timer Start
Factory Rearm/Disarm (-)
Dome Light Supervision Output (-)
Dome Light Factory Rearm
Blue LED
Unlock before Lock after starting
Second Pulse Unlock
Driver's Priority Unlock (-)
Turbo Mode
Passive Arming/Locking
Ignition Controlled Doorlock
Double Pulse Unlock
* Requires CM3 Option Programmer