NUA-3500 Vehicle Security

NUA-3500Description: Up to 3000' of range. This model uses Super Heterodyne 433MHz AM technology for one of most economical two-way systems in our line up. With Super Heterodyne technology we were able to achieve remarkable distance at up to 3000'. This compact remote features time display, vibrate or audible alerts and vertical multi color LCD.

Core Function: Vehicle Alarm System
Part #: NUA-3500

Remote Options Part #
2-Way SH LCD Remote (Up to 3000' Range) NU3500R
1-Way SH Companion Remote (Up to 3000' Range) 1WSH-R
Unit Features
Keyless Entry
Trunk Release Output (-)
Two Aux Outputs
Starter Kill Output (-) w/prewired relay
Parking Light Output (+)
Parking Light Output (-)
Dual Stage Shock Sensor
Extra Sensor Input (-)
Door Sensor Input (+ / -)
Trunk Sensor Input (-)
Siren Output (+)
Horn Output (-)
Remote Paging Sensor
Factory Rearm/Disarm (-)
Dome Light Supervision Output (-)
Blue LED
Second Pulse Unlock
Driver's Prioroty Unlock (-)
Passive Arming/Locking
Ignition Controlled Doorlock
Double Pulse Unlock