NUA-2000 Vehicle Security

NUA-2000Description: Up to 5000' of range. This model uses 433MHz FM technology, the same as our two-way FM systems. The small compact remote, separate lock/unlock, super bright blue LED and extended range and reliability are well worth the extra costs of this one-way 433MHz FM system.

Core Function: Vehicle Alarm System
Part #: NUA-2000

Remote Options Part #
2 x 1-Way FM Remotes (Up to 5000' Range) NU2000R
Unit Features
Keyless Entry
Trunk Release Output (-)
Two Aux Outputs
Starter Kill Output (-) w/prewired relay
Parking Light Output (+)
Parking Light Output (-)
Dual Stage Shock Sensor
Extra Sensor Input (-)
Door Sensor Input (+ / -)
Trunk Sensor Input (-)
Siren Output (+)
Horn Output (-)
Factory Rearm/Disarm (-)
Dome Light Supervision Output (-)
Blue LED
Second Pulse Unlock
Driver's Prioroty Unlock (-)
Passive Arming/Locking
Ignition Controlled Doorlock
Double Pulse Unlock