NUAS-8000 AS 2W FM 5000'
NUA-8000 A 2W FM 5000'
NUS-8000 S 2W FM 5000'
NUAS-4500 AS 2W AM 5000'
NUA-4500 A 2W AM 5000'
NUS-4500 S 2W AM 5000'
NUAS-3500 AS 2W AM 3000'
NUA-3500 A 2W AM 3000'
NUS-3500 S 2W AM 3000'
NUAS-2000 AS 1W FM 5000'
NUA-2000 A 1W FM 5000'
NUS-2000 S 1W FM 5000'
NUAS-1500 AS 1W AM 3000'
NUA-1500 A 1W AM 3000'
NUS-1500 S 1W AM 3000'
NUAS-1BAM AS 1W AM 1500'
NUA-1BAM A 1W AM 1500'
NUS-1BAM S 1W AM 1500'

AS = Alarm & Remote Start
A = Alarm
S = Remote Start
1W/2W = 1-way/2-way Communication
AM/FM = Frequency Band

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NuStart Remote Start & Security products are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards possible. Our engineers have spent thousands of hours perfecting the art of radio signal modulation and applying it to vehicle security. This has resulted in one of the most advanced security technologies available for the automobile.

When it comes to remote start, our product is rock solid; tested in Anchorage Alaska, one of the coldest places in the world. Packed with features such as built-in anti-grind relays, stop and go mode for quick in-and-out of the car without restarting, and adjustable run-time allows you to take control of how long your vehicle runs after being started with the remote.

When you buy NuStart product for your vehicle you can be confident it is one of the most reliable and best featured products available today.